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Paul Lewin discusses how the Charter Challenge could aid in legalizing psilocybin in Canada on CTV in December 2023:

Paul Lewin discusses psilocybin court challenge on CTV in November 2023:

Paul Lewin discusses magic mushroom shops in Canada on CBC Radio in October 2023:

Paul Lewin discusses microdosing psilocybin with CBC Radio in April 2023:
Some Canadians are microdosing magic mushrooms for their mental health, but research on benefits is slim

Paul Lewin discusses psilocybin on The Agenda in March 2023:
Should Canada Legalize Medical Mushrooms? | The Agenda

Paul Lewin discusses the Hartle psilocybin case on The News Forum in September 2022:
Challenging the Prohibition of Psilocybin

Paul Lewin discusses psilocybin on CTV News:
Bradford dispensary selling 'magic mushrooms' refuses to stay closed despite police raid

Paul Lewin discusses psilocybin and a section 56 exemption for psilocybin for the City of Toronto on 640 Toronto Radio:
640 Toronto Radio November 28 2022

Paul Lewin discusses the psilocybin dispensary in Toronto on NewsTalk 1010:
Police Will Keep Raiding Toronto Magic Mushroom Dispensary If City Doesn't Step Up

Paul Lewin discussing the flawed psilocybin laws on CBC News:
Police will keep raiding Toronto magic mushroom dispensary if city doesn't step up, says expert

Paul Lewin on Metro Morning discussing psilocybin laws in Canada:
CBC Toronto Metro Morning October 5 2022

Paul Lewin discusses Thomas Hartle’s psilocybin legal challenge:
Lead Plaintiff in Canadian Right To Try Lawsuit Shares His Psilocybin Story

Paul Lewin discusses present and future implications for psychedelic law and the current state of psilocybin decriminalization and legalization in Canada in his interview with Frshminds:
Talking Psychedelics: Paul Lewin of the Cannabis and Psychedelics Law Group LLP

Paul Lewin discusses the safe and secure draft psilocybin regulations proposed to Health Canada by a coalition of stakeholders:
Canada’s Psilocybin Policy Reform Movement Continues to Make Progress Federally

Paul Lewin discusses psilocybin dispensaries with Vice News:
Magic Mushroom Stores Are Open in Canada — But They're Still Illegal

Paul Lewin’s letter to Health Canada on behalf of TheraPsil discussed in The Tyree:
The Fight for Medical Use of Magic Mushrooms Is Moving to the Courts

Paul Lewin quoted on CTV News talking about cannabis convictions:
Fewer than 400 people pardoned under new system for erasing old weed convictions

Paul Lewin comments on why the 'legal' cannabis industry is not held to the same standards as individuals and unlicensed companies:
Regulatory infraction or criminal charge? Licensed companies and individuals are treated very differently when it comes to cannabis laws in Canada

Paul Lewin comments on OrganiGram Holdings Inc.'s plea to shut down the black market on Yahoo Finance News:
Cannabis CEO pleads for Ottawa to shut down booming black market

Lewin & Sagara LLP is listed as Toronto's Cannabis Law Firm in Toronto Life:
Who you gonna call? These pot professionals have kushy jobs

Paul Lewin speaks about how the medical marijuana system is plagued with problems in the Toronto Sun:
Governments have made a mess of pot legalization

Paul Lewin speaking on the prohibition against possessing black-market marijuana in The Free Press:
Illicit cannabis post-legalization

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Paul Lewin represents client with HIV who is prohibited from growing marijuana for medical purposes: