Workers Compensation and Medical Cannabis

​Workers Compensation (WSIB) and Medical Cannabis
​By Harrison Jordan
​November 7, 2017

Will Workers Compensation, also known as WSIB, cover your medical cannabis costs pertaining to a condition you developed as a result of your workplace conditions in Canada? The answer is typically no, although there are some exceptions. It should be noted that it is the exception and not the norm that WSIB agrees to pay for your medical cannabis costs.

The WSIB will typically not agree to cover medical cannabis from the outset. This is based on past decisions as well as a generally policy that medical cannabis is not an approved therapeutic agent.
There are some options available to medical cannabis patients at this point. They can appeal the decision to an Appeal Officer, and if a satisfactory result is not obtained, a further appeal can be sought from a Workers Compensation ap. Finally, judicial review may be an option.

The most important thing is that your use of medical cannabis is supported by a legal medical document filled out by a practicing physician in your jurisdiction. In addition, the doctor should support the use of medical cannabis through the production of a report outlining past treatment modalities and the benefits that have been demonstrated because of your medical cannabis use.

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